The Inglorious Rankings

The Tumblers' Club League Table

Unscheduled dismounts happen to the best of us, but fortunately in most cases, the only lasting damage is to one's pride.

If you've taken a tumble, it's best to own up to your unceremonious misadventure as it rarely goes unnoticed, and join the not-so-exclusive tumblers' club where we compete for the much-coveted 'Empty Stirrup' trophy.

At the end of the season, you can share stories and commiserations over a hearty Tumblers' Supper.

See the Tumblers' League & Join The club by owning up below...

The Indisputable Rules (Unless You Strongly Disagree)

Regularly amended

  • If you are forced to the ground, you have fallen
  • Landing on one's feet is still a fall if you succumbed to gravity and were unable to remain in your saddle
  • Tack failures, low branches and interference from other riders/horses are not mitigating factors
  • If your horse falls, you have also fallen
  • Multiple falls in one day are all counted as individual falls
  • Intentional falls are only counted if you are deemed sufficiently soiled by a Master
  • Falls after the Huntsman has blown for home are particularly careless but are not counted
  • Falls while visiting other packs are not counted unless it's officially a joint meet
  • Serious falls are not counted, unless you insist
  • Each fall incurs a fine/donation of £5 for your troubles
  • The person with the most falls in one season will be entitled to sit at the head of the table during the Tumblers' Supper and will be awarded with the 'Empty Stirrup' trophy
  • The Empty Stirrup trophy must be kept on display in one's home for the following season and returned in time for the next Tumblers' Supper